Introducing the latest whiz-bang way of getting around town (and to the museum).

For $530 per person, leave Mona and cruise over Salamanca, the Tasman Bridge and Mount Wellington—all in under fifteen minutes. Speedy! Hate traffic? Fly directly from the airport. It'll cost $330, but imagine the looks you'll get when you arrive. Priceless, right? Last but not least, if you have an hour (and $750) the South East route is for you. Familiarise yourself with Port Arthur and Tassie's rugged coastline - including the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere, and then arrive onsite looking like a legend. Perfect.

Mona/City Scenic:

15 minutes. Departs from, and returns to, Mona. Fly over the Tasman Bridge, Salamanca and the surrounding wharfs, and Mount Wellington. $530 per person.

Airport to Mona:

15 minutes. Fly from the Hobart Airport to Mona, and catch a glimpse of the sites from a new angle. $330 per person.

South East:

1 hour. Departs from, and returns to, Mona. Fly over Port Arthur, and the rugged coastline before landing at Mona. $990 person. 


For further information, or to make a booking, please phone Rota Reception on 03 6277 9911.

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