Ben Salter Import Export Finale Extravaganza

Ben Salter is one of the best (and humblest) songwriters and performers you’ve never heard of. When Mona reopened last summer, he was invited by David Walsh to set up shop in the museum, where he has been drinking tea, watching the cricket and making music. Now he’s streaming the fruits of his musical labour live from Mona, with a little help from friends near and far. It’ll be bigger than Ben, um, Salter.

Ben writes:

For the past six months I have been trapped in the basement of the Museum of Old and New Art here in nipaluna / Hobart making music four days a week. This came about because one night, almost certainly in a state of inebriation, I told David Walsh (museum daddy and owner of incredible jumper / trainer collection) he should put me in the museum to make up songs all day because that’s what I would be doing at home anyway. As is his wont he called me on it, no doubt hoping I would mentally disintegrate in full view of the public, which is just the sort of sick, sado-masochistic thing wealthy purveyors of fancy sweaters get a kick out of. Initially I was going to be here for three months but I hadn’t fully mentally disintegrated by then, so they extended it to six. Well the joke’s on you, Walsh, because I’m feeling absolutely fine apart from the persistent tic in my entire body. Good thing I have a darkened cupboard adjacent to the studio to cry in. I’ve recorded over 150 songs (or something) at Mona so far, some of which I’ve released as Import Export Vol I & II (Volumes III & VI forthcoming).

Anyway, to mark the end of my sentence down here in the mines, I am throwing a big weekend-long party, streaming live each day. I’ll be joined live in the studio by Chloe Alison Escott, William Crighton, Julian Teakle and The Mean Thoughts, Hannah Morell, Christopher Coleman, Free Live Sports, Becca Tilley, Spod, IAE, Zac Henderson, Warren Mason, Monster Society of Evil, Seth Henderson, Gatsby, Dean Stevenson, The Pits, and Tim Panaretos; and not live in the studio by acts from all over the world, via pre-recorded videos. My good friend, raconteur and funeral celebrant Ben Quinn will compere the whole shebang. Oh and we’re also going to try and record an album live. And there’ll be interviews with the staff. All in all, it’s going to be stressful and nightmarish. Tune in!