Heaven, earth, and things between: three exhibitions, all alike in dignity, but otherwise unrelated. They’ll run until April 2024.

Heavenly Beings: Icons of the Christian Orthodox World

Our first ever exhibition of entirely old art: a collection of icons— 'windows into heaven'—from the sprawl of Orthodox Christianity after the fall of the Byzantine empire.



Jónsi: Hrafntinna (Obsidian)

A simulation of the cavernous depths of a volcano, via musician and artist Jónsi (the one from Sigur Rós).



Jean-Luc Moulène and Teams

Sculptures made from sandstone, wax, timber and smelted zinc; pallets of cans ‘hijacked’ from a Mexican factory; an exhumed cow bone. Jean-Luc’s first show in Australia is a coalescing of curiosity and collaboration.



Header image: Saint George and the Youth of Mytilene (detail), Greece, 17th century, private collection, Melbourne