Joe Leahy's Neighbours

A documentary about Joe Leahy, the mixed race son of a New Guinea highlander woman and Australian gold prospector Michael Leahy, and the coffee plantation he establishes on Ganiga tribal land.

Joe must negotiate a path between modern business and traditional tribal ways, as his wealth grows while his Ganiga neighbours live a subsistence existence tempered by tribal warfare.

Joe Leahy’s Neighbours won numerous international awards, including the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Documentary (1989) and the Grand Prix at the Festival Cinéma du Réel in Paris (1989). It is the sequel to First Contact, 1983, and the second film in the celebrated Highlands Trilogy by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson (part three, Black Harvest, 1993, will screen later in the program).

AUS | 1988 | 90 mins