The world’s only 4000-year-old rock band.
—William S. Burroughs

The Master Musicians of Jajouka, led by Bachir Attar, are coming to Mona. Jajouka is an ancient mountain village in the northern hills of Morocco. Attar and his ensemble are the custodians of a unique, millennia-old practice—one of the oldest musical traditions in the world.

The Musicians play a hypnotic mix of folk, ancient and contemporary pieces on traditional, locally made instruments. Passed down through generations and perfected over a lifetime, their mastery of sacred melodies and rhythms are revered throughout their native land. Global recognition came in 1968, when Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones recorded with the group; twenty years later, the Stones returned to Jajouka to record ‘Continental Drift’ (1989).
To mark the occasion of the Musicians’ debut Tasmanian performance, we are putting on an exclusive two-course Moroccan-themed feast in place of our usual Golden Hour dinner in the Wine Bar—featuring a viewing of James Turrell’s sunset spectacular Amarna—on offer to concert ticketholders only.



The Golden Hour Sample Menu
Amarna, James Turrell

Header image: Cherie Nutting