Dance, music and projections are harnessed to explore what it means to keep the flame alive for sixty thousand years, covering the journey of the palawa people and the island of lutruwita / Tasmania.

Creator and choreographer Sinsa Mansell writes:

This new dance work carries themes of community, connection, and responsibility to country.

pakana kanaplila Tasmanian Aboriginal traditional/contemporary dance troupe whose members are located all over lutruwita / Tasmania have been working for decades to reclaim traditional dance practices. Their incredible commitment to the physical expression of culture and ceremony has led to this debut on the main stage.

 tuylupa is the spark of fire. Through a weightless universe the spark of fire travels slowly drawing all elements together. The eternal spark that’s been handed down since the beginning of time through generations of ceremonial knowledge custodians. A reminder of responsibility that we are country that is ancient and culturally significant. tuylupa is born from deep time, when the sun and moon lapse there is creation of the oldest living culture. 

All of the tuylupa elements, language, story, song, and kanaplila respectfully honours our Elders, and our Identity. 

'Old story new ways.

We are country and Country is us.'


Concept and Dance: Sinsa Mansell, Harley Jac Mansell, Niara Mansell, Jamie Graham, Janet Ross, Nathan Pitchford (pakana kanaplila) (TAS)

Augmented Reality: Darryl Rogers and Troy Merritt (Soma Lumia) (TAS)

Musician and Songwriter: Dewayne Everettsmith (Skinnyfish) (TAS)

Music Producer: James Mangohig (Skinnyfish) (NT)

Lighting and Production: Chris Jackson (IO Performance) (TAS)

Rehearsal Director: Gabriel Comerford (Tasdance) (TAS)

Producers: Adam Wheeler and Emma Porteus (Tasdance)

Created by pakana kanaplila, Soma Lumia, Tasdance and Skinnyfish

Presented by Tasdance and Mona Foma, in conjunction with Theatre Royal

Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Tasmania, Indigenous Languages and Arts Funding, Tasmanian Community Fund and WD Booth Charitable Trust