The final film from renowned British filmmaker and artist Derek Jarman—a meditation on colour (specifically, International Klein Blue), cinema and disease.

The film features a voiceover written by Jarman about his AIDs-related illness and approaching death (the film was finished just months before he died), spoken by the filmmaker and his long-time collaborators Tilda Swinton, John Quentin and Nigel Terry. With music from Simon Fisher-Turner, Coil, Momus, Miranda Sex Garden, Vinnie Riley, Brian Eno and Eric Satie.

Here at Mona, Blue will screen without opening or closing titles, just as Jarman intended. We recommend arriving early for screenings.

Presented with thanks to co-producer James Mackay

UK | 1993 | 80mins

Session times
Sun 10 Mar
Sun 14 Apr
Sun 21 Apr

More session times to be announced. Check back later.