Since 2011 Tim has sat in our museum for nearly 4200 hours, under the auspices of art (specifically, Tim by Wim Delvoye). When Mona shut in March, Tim asked David if he could continue sitting in the dormant museum, seeing out his annual six months with us. David agreed.

Tim has since returned to Europe, where he will likely have to remain. Never fear: he’s ascended his plinth and he’s sitting for us as usual, sticking to his normal hours in our time zone. Staying up all night, in other words, and sleeping during the day: a new spin on his commitment, streamed live to Tassie from the Woods Art Institute near Hamburg, Germany.


Artwork: Tim​, 2006–08, Wim Delvoye
Live stream 10am–4pm AEDT daily (except Tuesdays)


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