Faro Tapas is named for ‘faro’, the Spanish word for ‘lighthouse’, which is the English word for ‘pharos’, which is the Greek name of the new wing of our museum. Keep up.

Faro has all the usual stuff you’d expect from a Spanish bar in a museum wing named after a Greek lighthouse: tapas and share plates galore, whipped up by Executive Chef Vince Trim and his compadres. Also on offer: our signature pink sangria by the half or full litre, black margaritas, bull eyes encased in ice balls, a pig-slicing machine, bodacious design details—from Venn diagram plates and chrome decanters to a black marble, blown-glass bar—and thirteen-metre high ceilings… It’s all a bit overwhelming. Which is the point: ‘It’s barely controlled chaos,’ says David Walsh, Mona owner and Faro bar fly.

It also has four new works by James Turrell, renowned light wrangler and cattle rancher. You can order these off the menu when available (take your jamón ibérico with a side of neural battering). But for the full experience, treat yourself to a FART: our food + art dinner experience, and another excuse for a confusing/juvenile acronym. Includes exclusive entry to Turrell’s Unseen Seen and Weight of Darkness throughout the evening. Book a FART online with a $25 deposit.

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