Broad Minded Chef Wanted

Yep, Mona’s looking for a Head Functions Chef.

It’s a pretty interesting gig, being in one of the creative culinary driving seats at Mona. Is it for everyone? Nope.

Unfortunately it requires a flexible attitude to morality and an even unhealthier addiction to basil. And you have to like making chocolate dicks. There was a function a while back that required the creation of an entire table of chocolate dicks surrounding a nougat bust of David Walsh’s head, which was detailed in liquorice.

There’s no guarantee you’ll be asked to do the same. But there is a high likelihood of more dick desserts. Don’t try and understand it – it’s bigger than all of us. But we digress, if you’re up for the challenge of making sweet and sour cane toad legs taste delicious then you’re probably our sort of person. You should totally apply. If that’s what you’re into.