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655 Main Road Berriedale Hobart Tasmania 7011 Australia

Bookings and enquiries

Any questions about your visit to Mona? Get in touch.

+61 (3) 6277 9978

Refunds and exchanges

Fill out the form below to request a refund or exchange on your booking with Mona. Our team will be in touch about your request within five working days. Thanks for understanding.

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Lost Tickets

Request a new link to your mobile tickets here.

Mobile tickets


Enquire about staying in our super-flash, luxury dens on the river.

+61 (3) 6277 9911


Want to do a function with us? We’ve got lots of places for them.


Keys in the bowl: let’s talk partnerships, sponsorship and business collaboration opportunities.


Our media team looks after all media enquiries about Mona and its associated subsidiaries. Please contact us for media releases, information, images, interviews, commercial filming enquiries or to arrange a visit.
All filming and photography requests are subject to an approval process that involves a formal assessment by operational, curatorial, marketing, legal and commercial departments. Contact us for more info or to submit a request.

Unsolicited proposals

There is a remote chance that something you do now will be good. The chances of it being original, however, are pretty much zero. But do send us your proposal—sometimes we like hearing about your hopes and dreams, or that rap you’ve written for David—if you think it’s actually worth reading.

Please don’t contact the front desk asking if we’ve read your proposal. We have. And if you send us stuff in the mail, we will not send it back. We get sent a lot of stuff. Hope you understand.

Complaints about the goldfish

If you’re vegetarian or vegan (and not just on Monday nights), and you want to make a complaint about the goldfish we have in a bowl in the museum, please email us.

If you eat meat or fish, maybe don’t email anyone.

Music enquiries

We put on live music most days we're open. If you (and your free-jazz trip-hop octet) would like to throw your hat in the ring, sling us an email, but bear in mind we get a lot of free-jazz trip-hop octets reaching out, so you better be good.

We’ve also got a recording studio, if you’re after that sort of thing.

Professional art services

CAIR: Consultancy Artwork Installation & Realisation

Our install team is waiting for you. We know all the tricks in the trade when it comes to museum-standard handling principles, including the installation of:

  • Paintings, textiles, photography, and works on paper;
  • Historical artefacts;
  • Mixed media/ephemeral installation and sculptural artworks;
  • Time-based media.

We can also advise on a diverse range of museum-standard mount systems, and test existing building substrates for load-bearing suitability.

Whistleblower Policy

Mona has a whistleblower reporting policy which is available here. We have engaged an independent provider, Your Call, to receive reports via their website—available here.


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