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Frying Pan

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Mona's recording studio

Frying Pan is Mona’s recording studio and it was built to house and appropriately venerate the legendary REDD.17 mixing desk.

David writes:

Frying Pan is the essence of Mona. The major product will be music, of course, but made in an environment redolent of passion and daring. There will be many failures and some triumphs. Because we value risk, and humanity, and the glorious desperation of creativity, we will be proud of the work of Frying Pan’s denizens, however it is received.

If the studio is in use when you visit, you can peer through the window and watch the creative process in action.

Read more about Frying Pan, and how to get cooking, here.

  • Location:


  • Hours:

    Friday to Monday, 10am⁠–⁠5pm

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