His first solo exhibition in Australia, French artist Hubert Duprat continued his unending investigation of the world.

The selection of work featured a huge array of materials and techniques—including natural magnets, crystals sculpted by microscopic atomic arrangement, Neolithic flint-knapping techniques and endemic caddisfly larvae. Curiosity trumps 'out of the blue' spontaneity as Duprat asks precise questions of nature and knowledge, of originality and art itself.

The experiments of Duprat—a self-taught and self-professed amateur—have us intrigued. Duprat's approach to making art resists neat compartmentalisation, with his work plumbing the ripe borderlands between artistry and science. You could expect (among other things, mind you) an evocation of prehistoric symbolism and technical adaptation, as artistic expression meets rationality head-on.

Curated by Olivier Varenne, Jane Clark and Nicole Durling

Both root and fruit A la fois la racine et le fruit, Hubert Duprat
Both root and fruit (A la fois la racine et le fruit), Hubert Duprat
Like a glove (Comme un gant) (detail), Hubert Duprat
Untitled, Hubert Duprat
Untitled, Hubert Duprat