Some years ago, a guy called Patrick thought we should have an art prize for up-and-coming Tasmanian artists.

Patrick had a quiet word with David. David offered $8000, and the Mona Scholarship was born. Someone called Jim ran the show for a while. After a couple of years the prize was upped to $12500, and Lindy (David’s sister) got involved.

Nowadays, the Mona Scholarship is no longer. Instead, we partner with Detached Cultural Organisation and Contemporary Art Tasmania on SHOTGUN: a support and opportunity program, which, this year, awarded two Tasmanian artists $45000.

Mona Scholarship Winners

2001: Phaedra Brothers, painter
2002: Andrew Evans, sculptor
2003: Kathryn Faludi Ball, photographer
2004: Philip McKay, painter
2005: Alan Young, painter
2007: Rebecca Coote, sculptor/glass artist
2007: Rob O’Connor, painter
2008: Alicia King, bio-artist
2008: James Newitt, time-based media artist
2009: Sara Wright, ceramicist
2009: Judith Abell, sculptor
2010: Cath Robinson, installation/sound artist
2010: Sonia Heap, installation artist working in dress
2011: Alyssa Simone, digital media artist
2012: Pip Stafford, media artist
2013: Rahni Allan, multimedia artist
2014: Liam James, photographer 

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Ariadne's Thread, Alyssa Simone
Ariadnes Thread, 2012, Alyssa Simone
Seven Sisters The Sailing Ones, Liam James
Allegory of Summer, 2015, from the series ‘Seven Sisters: The Sailing Ones’, Liam James
Youth The Three Ages of Women, Sonia Heap
Youth, 2012, from ‘The Three Ages of Woman’, Sonia Heap

Header image: A Rat’s Nest, 2012, Pip Stafford