I like to think that a lot of my work sits between the sadness of leaving and the fear of return.
—Todd McMillan

Works sampled from ten years of Australian artist Todd McMillan’s absurd and melancholic video-art practice, on show in Roy Grounds’ modernist masterpiece, The Round House—which now serves as the Mona library. A fitting setting for an artist like McMillan; he says, ‘I create my artwork hoping to mimic the condition of sitting down and reading a novel.’ Also on display is a collection of books, selected by the artist to show us the literary influences that have shaped his work.

Curated by Nicole Durling

Albatross, Todd McMillan
Albatross, 2012, Todd McMillan
By the Sea, Todd McMillan
By the Sea, 2004, Todd McMillan
Deluge 2, Todd McMillan
Deluge 2, 2013, Todd McMillan

Header image: Drowning Studies, 2012, Todd McMillan