Yeah, I’m young, fit, but also handsome, brilliant and virile. Do we really need to be nice?
—Yannick Demmerle

Yannick has been artist in residence in our library. He’s arrested us with his energy and intensity. There’s no self-effacing irony for Yannick; no false artistic modesty: when he makes art, he means it.

During his time at Mona he’s made a series of large works on paper, a new direction in his practice about which he is tremendously excited.

Curated by Olivier Varenne

Untitled (detail), Yannick Demmerle
Untitled (detail), 2012, Yannick Demmerle
Yannick Demmerle room
Yannick Demmerle, exhibition installation view

Header image: Untitled (detail), 2012, Yannick Demmerle