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James Turrell

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Event Horizon

Experience the Ganzfeld Effect.

‘I am just going outside, and I may be some time …’

Video and images: Event Horizon, 2017, © James Turrell

  • Location:

    Pharos, Mona

  • Duration:

    10 minutes

  • Price:


  • Hours:

    Friday to Monday, 10am⁠–⁠5pm

  • A figure stands in a room lit in hues of orange.
  • Two figures in a room lit in hues of blue.
  • Stairs lead to a square lit blue.


Do I need to book?

We recommend you book to avoid disappointment. Bookings open 28 days in advance.

What other James Turrell artworks can I see?

Amarna is outside in the grounds, and Beside Myself is inside the museum (so you'll need a museum entry ticket to see it). Unseen Seen + Weight of Darkness can be booked here (you'll need a museum entry ticket for them, as well).