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Jane Baker

Medical chair on moss in a fern filled forest scene

The Inward Eye – A Psychoacoustic Journey

This exhibition takes you down a rabbit hole of the experience of dementia, using immersive soundscapes to investigate the auditory world of dementia and episodic memories, and expose what goes on behind closed doors.

The three experimental works also explore the interplay between the user and their engagement with sensory stimuli.

The Inward Eye emerges from Jane Baker’s extensive investigations into the inner world of dementia over the past nine years.

Her other related works include:
Dementia in an Aged Care Setting (2011–12)
Echo Part 1 – A Neurological Soundscape (2013)
ANAT Synapse Residency – Macrosounds of Microscapes (2014)
An Experimental Research: The Benefits of Natural Environmental Soundscapes on Relaxation and Anxiety Reduction in People with Dementia (2015–16)
The Art of Ageing – A Social Artistry Work (2017–18), supported by Mona

The Inward Eye – A Psychoacoustic Journey is funded by the Australian Council for the Arts and supported by Mona.

  • When:

    16 June 2018–11 February 2019