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A cast porcelain with hand-painted underglaze decoration

Highlights of the collection. And lowlights. Evolving.

When we first opened the museum we called our general collection ‘Monanism’, which has turned out to be less than a brilliant idea, because people can get a bit confused.

We are stuck with the name, though: not least because we also have a book called Monanisms that outlines David’s raison d’être for building the museum—and we want to keep selling copies of the book. We need the money.

Please note: no guarantees any of this will be on display when you visit. These works represent the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Our collection numbers 3200—and counting. If you’re annoyed the thing you wanted to see isn’t on display, please do let us know by writing us an angry message on our Facebook page—we love that, and we take heaps of notice of it.

Image: Monanism installation view including China China – Bust 82, 2004, Ah Xian

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    From 21 January 2011

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