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Ben Salter

Ben Salter sings and plays guitar under a sign reading "BEN SALTER IMPORT EXPORT" and a screen reading "it's very funny"

Import Export

David Walsh writes:

Ben Salter turned up at one of our festivals one day, and never went home. At that festival he sang ‘It’s Doherty’, which is one of the finest ever Australian songs, in my inexpert opinion. You probably won’t hear that one because Ben is paid to make new songs all day, every day. But at 3 o'clock, if he's here, he'll sing a bunch of old ones, and he’ll sing them as well as his titanium tonsils allow. Ben’s is an endurance performance worth enduring. I’ll be there often, and if I catch you in my chair there’ll be no consequences whatsoever, other than your pleasure at a great creator creating.

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