Important information about your Once Upon a Time in Shaolin ticket

  • We’ve emailed your mobile tickets to you, just click the link in the email to get them. Or send yourself a shiny new link at 
  • When you arrive at Mona, please meet on the Faro rooftop (follow the signs to the Faro after hours entry), and look for the ninjas. A map is also available here.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event start time.  
  • A lockout will be in effect for all sessions, and latecomers won’t be allowed in, so don’t be late.
  • This is an 18+ event.
  • Ticketholders will be asked to present ID, and it’ll need to match the name on the ticket.

Important stuff about security screening:

Mandatory security screening for devices and metal will be in place, and will be compulsory for all attendees—you have the right to refuse any part of the screening process, but you won’t be permitted entry to the event if you do.

  • Attendees must hand over all mobile phones and electronic devices to Mona security, as video, audio, or any other recording is strictly prohibited. 
  • Large jackets, bags, and backpacks will not be allowed in. Cloaking will be available.
  • All attendees will be scanned with metal detector wands by Mona’s professional security team. If necessary, ticket holders must also consent to their possessions and person being searched before entry to the listening event. All privacy and safety laws will be complied with during this process. 
  • If you have any metal parts in your body (such as pacemakers or artificial joints), please bring medical ID paperwork that proves you do.  
  • Consider removing any piercings that aren’t visible outside of your clothing.
  • Don’t wear jewellery or clothing that contains metal parts, such as belts, armour, codpieces, etc.
  • If you fail the metal detector scan you will be asked to consent to a frisk search (with the option of having it conducted in a private room).
  • Attendees will be required to sign an indemnity to confirm and uphold their agreement with these entry conditions.

If you can no longer attend, please contact or call Bookings & Enquiries on +61 3 6277 9978 and let us know.

As always, do not attend this event if you are unwell. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information. If you have any questions, please call +61 (3) 6277 9978 or email