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Heavy Metal Kitchen

A tiered flaming grill  with meat being slowly cooked to perfection. A Chef standing to the right of the grill.

Cooking with fire

Fire-cooked flame-grilled lawn food straight off the largest privately owned barbecue in the southern hemisphere (probably).

Plenty of veggies, wholesome grains, and invasive species-meats. And they don't like us to mention it here, but they also do bloody good hot chippies.

  • Daily:

    Times vary

  • Location:

    Mona lawns, Mona

  • Hours:

    Friday to Monday, times vary

  • Friend squid and peas with a moo brew beer
  • Friend octopus legs on a grill
  • Whole chickens hanging from chains cooked over a tiered grill
  • A selection of deliciously wholesome vegetable dishes the from Heavy Metal Kitchen
  • Vinnie cooking up a Paella at the Heavy Metal Kitchen

Sample Menu

Heavy Metal Kitchen Burger

Fish & Paw Paw Salad

Barbecue Spiced Venison