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The best way to get to Mona

Sit on sheep / tigers. Go to the bar. Treat yourself to the Posh Pit: a private lounge and deck with free drinks, tiny food and inflated egos.

The best way to get to Mona is by ferry. In fact, the approach by water is built into David's design—see below. There are 99 steps upon arrival, and an accessible entrance via tunnel if you require it. If this is you, please make yourself known to our delightful onboard staff.

  • Departs:

  • Price:

    From $28

  • Duration:

    Approx. 30 minutes

  • Hours:

    Friday to Monday, 9.15am⁠–⁠5pm


Choose your ride

  • A decadent plattar of hors d'oeuvres with a glass of champagne

    Posh Pit

    Escape the riff-raff in the ferry’s private lounge, bar and deck. Includes complimentary bevvies, tiny food and inflated egos.

    Book Posh Pit
  • A plastic Chimpanzee hangs from a pole onboard the ferry.


    Sheep/tigers to sit on, bars to drink at, ravishing river/mountain views to admire etc.

    Book Standard

David writes:

According to ancient Greek tragedy, the trajectories we follow are at the whim of divine powers, and the mercy of natural forces (which are, in turn, compelled by the divine). An ancient Greek life was a battle with fate. And an ancient Greek sea voyage provided temptation for the Furies to intervene.

The Furies typically don’t intervene with the Mona ferry. There is no victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, no need to ascend the shores, thence to descend into the cavern of the Oracle to give thanks.

That the ferry ride is so safe now is a result of ineluctable gradualism—a remorseless process of refinement over the interval from ancient Greece to modern Mona. That it all works so well now is metaphorically embedded in the structure of Mona. Descent follows ascent, but no deities need to be propitiated. A toast to technology and the indifferent insight of science will suffice.

The upshot is: even though there’s a shortcut, Mona requires you to climb the 99 steps to then descend again. Taking the tunnel would be too easy.


  • Departs Brooke St Pier

    • 9.15am
    • 10.15am
    • 11.15am
    • 12.15pm
    • 1.15pm
    • 2.15pm
    • 3.30pm
    • 4.30pm
    • 5.30pm*
    • * 5.30pm sailing only during peak season
  • Departs Mona

    • 9.45am
    • 10.45am
    • 11.45am
    • 12.45pm
    • 1.45pm
    • 3pm
    • 4pm
    • 5pm
    • 6pm*
    • * 6pm sailing only during peak season


Getting on the ferry

The lower deck is accessible for mobility aids and prams, and includes a bar and accessible toilet. Upon arrival at Mona, you will disembark at the bottom of 99 stairs that lead up to the museum entrance.

Getting into Mona

There are 99 steps upon arrival at Mona. There’s an accessible entrance via tunnel if you need it, just make yourself known to staff onboard. But David says you have to take the stairs if you’re able. This applies to both standard and Posh Pit travellers.


Should I book in advance?

We recommend booking ahead so you don't have to queue (or miss out, as there are limited timed entry slots). Book here.

Can I change my ferry times?

Departures can be changed up to 15 minutes before the ferry leaves (subject to capacity). See staff at Brooke Street Pier or the Mona box office, or call Bookings & Enquiries on +61 (3) 6277 9978.

I'm catching the ferry, where should I park?

If you're driving to our ferry terminal at Brooke Street Pier, we recommend parking in the multi-storey car parks in Argyle Street, Centrepoint or Market Place, or in the Dunn Place off-street car park. These will give you 3 or more hours of parking. We think you'll need it. A list of Hobart car parks is available here.

Accessible parking spaces close to Brooke Street Pier can be found along Franklin Wharf, Salamanca Place and Castray Esplanade.
There’s a drop-off area directly in front of Brooke Street Pier.

Ticket pricing

A return ticket is the same price as one way. No concessions, sorry. Children under 4 are free but require a ticket.

What is the booking fee?

A $3.50 transaction fee applies to most advanced bookings (with some exclusions). See our full Terms and Conditions here.

Posh Pit dietaries

The ferry can't cater for coeliac or severe allergies. If you have special dietary requirements—including gluten free or vegetarian—we require twenty-four hours notice. Let us know at or on +61 (3) 6277 9978.

Do the ferries run in the rain?

They sure do. Roofs and all to protect you from the wind, rain or sun.

How long does the ferry take?

About 25 minutes each way.