We have a catamaran. It’s camouflaged. If you can find it in these photos, you ride for free.*

A direct trip between Brooke Street Pier and Mona takes around twenty-five minutes. The ferry is undercover and sails in rain, hail or shine. Read about prices, accessibility, etc. here.

Choose from two different travel options. Purchase a standard ticket to sit on sheep, frequent our onboard bars and admire our spunky staff in their spunky boiler suits.

Or, upgrade to the Posh Pit and escape the riff-raff. Enjoy complimentary drinks, canapés and inflated egos in our exclusive lounge, bar and private deck. There’s table service too; rattle your jewellery for attention.

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*Not true.

A special offer for Posh Pit patrons! Be one of the first twelve people to request a complimentary winery tour ticket and you’ll receive a half-hour private introduction to Moorilla, including a tasting of our Pinot noir in the subterranean Barrel Room at 12.45pm, Wednesday–Monday. Limited to twelve people, but if you have more than twelve friends—you socialite, you—call us in advance. Request your winery tour ticket at Brooke Street Pier on the day of travel.

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