We don’t have labels on the walls. We have the O. It’s free to all visitors.

It uses an internal positioning system to locate you in space, and to present different sorts of texts and audio about the artwork nearby: 'Art wank' (look for the cock-and-balls icon, you can’t miss it); ‘Gonzo’ (Walsh and curators go Hunter S. Thompson on yo' ass); 'Ideas' (little chunks of info, for those with a short attention span); and interviews with artists.

You can download the O to your iPhone. Plunder our free wifi, but remember to bring your headphones (there's heaps of audio about the art). Once you've visited the museum, you’ll be able to continue using the O app at home. Like Tinder, but with more art and stuff. (Only available for iOS, sorry.)


Download from iTunes >


For a more vintage experience, grab an O at the museum: our delightful invigilators will give you an O device (they don't even have emojis on them), along with headphones, and show you how to use it. Return it afterwards or we will kill you. And a loud buzzer will go off and you will be really embarrassed.

On the O, you can tell us when you 'Love' and 'Hate' an artwork. If you're using an O device, you can also have your visit emailed to you so that you can read the texts and listen to your audio at home, over Digestives and tea.

If you want to know more about the O, have a look at the Art Processors website—they are the hipster geeks who made it for us, along with David Walsh (the Geek King).

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