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Manky Sally’s

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By Moo Brew

Moo Brew is all grown up, so it needed its own place in the city. Manky Sally’s is it: our very own nano-brewery / taphouse / luxury dive bar, right on Salamanca Place.

Pop in and sink a highly experimental / normal beer, have a snack, watch the brewers at work. Maybe after you’ve been to Mona, maybe before. Your call.

If you want a tour you'll need to book. Table bookings are also available, but not required.

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  • A bar with 6 beers on tap
  • Staff member in a Manky Sally's shirt walks the bar
  • A shiny round light globe with an orange element reflecting off two mirrors
  • Bright patterned Manky Sally's beer matts
  • Manky Sally's wooden tap beer menu
  • A paddle of four different beers
  • A wall of brown bottles lit from behind
  • Image of a vibrant patterned carpet with Manky Sally's branded coasters, beers and a selection of crispy, spicy, salty looking snacks and a vibrant fresh salad.