Music at Mona

If the weather is good, the music is outside on the lawns. If it’s crap, it’s inside the Ether building nearby. In the museum, you might find musicians-in-residence like Ben Salter and Dean Stevenson performing live each day.


Friday, 1 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Nerve Channel 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Distortion, driving drums, droning / discordant violin and guitar. Unnerving masks; vocals. Bit of theatre.
Richard Steele Trio 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Resophonic slide guitar, picking on a Tele, drums and double bass. Vocals, too. Mostly originals.
Stephen Bond 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Original Bolero tunes on a Spanish guitar.


Saturday, 2 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Handsome Molly 1–3pm Mona Lawns
An acoustic cruise through folk, country and blues. Warm harmonies, cello, banjo and guitar.
MAVE 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Left of centre folk / rock covering death, darkness and general malaise.


Sunday, 3 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
PARKER 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Ambience and field recordings from a Tasmania composer-producer.
Simona Smirnova 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Authentic Lithuanian folk tunes played on a unique form of zither called a kanklės.
Janelle Stowe 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Soulful afternoon jazz.


Monday, 4 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Ledeuce 12–4pm Mona Lawns
Two fellas who decided they liked the same kind of house music enough to perform it together. See whether it's a happy marriage.


Thursday, 7 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Dirty Motel 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Rock and roll from northern Launceston, telling tales of convicts, feral Tasmania and love. Big Joplin energy.
Chris O 1–3pm Mona Lawns
A mashup of folk, blues and Americana drawn from a lifetime's experience and rendered on lap-slide, banjo, uke and plain old guitars.
Fern Lou 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Dreamy, ethereal sounds and songs from 'a fae, singing in the forest'.


Friday, 8 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
HALLUCIN8ER 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Solo freak from Sydney, now residing in Hobart.
Astrophe 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Guitar, bass and drums. Improv around originally composed structures.
DEFEKTRO Vs Josh Shipton 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Japanese metal 'hitting and scraping against other metal' meets microphone, vocals and stompboxes. A bit of friendly competition / collaboration might ensue.


Saturday, 9 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Mazala 12–1pm Mona Lawns
An international trio of guitar, sitar / Indian violin, and tabla.
Scott Haigh 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Folk rock stories from George Town.
Scott Mainwaring 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Rock and blues from a forty-year scene stalwart (and former Pale Riders / mullet impresario).


Sunday, 10 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Nuria 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Soulful indie pop, plus three piece band.
Isaac Gee Band 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Intimate, emotional songs in the vein of Nick Drake or Joni Mitchell. 'A rolling ride of conversational introspection, spliced with dancing, spirited guitar.'
Rose Turtle Ertler 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Wonky folk & precarious pop.


Monday, 11 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
NikoTeini 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Lavta (long-necked fretted lute) and kanonaki (qanun-style zither) together in testament to a shared cultural heritage.
Purple Passion 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Original, innovative folk and cultural melodies from China and Indonesia.
Lyn Thomas 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Fingerstyle country-jazz.


Thursday, 14 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Free Live Sports 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Guitar music for spectators.
Finn Rees 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Spiritual and modal jazz straight outta the sixties, plus psychedelic soul, lush orchestral arrangements, and heartfelt piano.
River Bigby 3–4pm Mona Lawns
A multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer from down the Huon does live loops that blur the lines betwixt neo soul, folk, and RnB.


Friday, 15 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
BRAZJAZ 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Genuine samba jazz.
Rain of Animals 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Euphonious collaboration between Pepita and Theodore, who love all things mandolin, fiddle, guitar, harmony and old-time-y.
SASQUIN + ROBOTIKUS 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Two Tasmanian forces combine to bring you one heck of an electronic pop party: straight up high energy groove-based funk bangers.


Saturday, 16 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
MP 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Indie-popsters who formed in high school and love surfing.
Coda Chroma 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Tone Deaf called Kate 'one of the most innovative and noteworthy musicians in Australia', so cop that. Music that sways between cinematic folk and baroque pop.
Allysha Joy 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Meditative, raw soul with husky vox and a Fender Rhodes.


Sunday, 17 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Penelope Trappes 12–1pm Mona Lawns
London-based Australian born vocalist, muso, and ethereal soundscaper.
Abby Sundborn 1–2pm Mona Lawns
Cellist and composer working on unceded woi wurrung country.
Cooper Bowman 2–3pm Mona Lawns
Cooper runs a record label, and normally plays with his wife, but for this he'll be going solo for the first time in a while, playing clarinet and mixing dusted ambient, tape-slowed trip-hop and other stuff.
Hayden Moon 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Ambient meditations, 'gentle massages of synth', and field recordings of local environs. Maybe some tape hiss.


Monday, 18 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Budd 12–1pm Mona Lawns
A thundering mostly instrumental band from the mid nineties, playing now. Heavy bass, heavier guitar melodies, vintage synths, and chanting.
M.T. Blues Music 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Vintage blues, drawing from the masters of the delta and modern stuff. Might involve a cigar-box guitar.
Hosanna Grace 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Haunting, melodic storytelling tracks from a Tasmanian singer-songwriter influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen, and ZZ Ward.


Thursday, 21 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Loop Jam 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Audience participatory music-making featuring loop pedals and lots of home-made instruments. Get involved, help Ben out.
Death By Carrot 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Stoner rock courtesy of some troubadours travelling the country in a Transit called Gina.
Naomi Baltyn 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Sublime solo piano and vocal originals, plus some stripped-back versions of songs from Naomi's electronic duo, Corbelle.


Friday, 22 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Bonsai 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Indie chill-rock from some local up-and-comers.
Lou Bradley 1–3pm Mona Lawns
A bunch of bluegrassy, folky mountain music from the high hills above Mullumbimby. The highly-accomplished Lou has finally let Phil tag along, so it's a good thing he's handy on the banjo and mandolin.
Beltin Elton 3–4pm Mona Lawns
Demented' Elton John covers.


Saturday, 23 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Number Junky 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Provocative rhythms, odd time signatures, lush harmony. Contemporary original jazz and reworked standards.
David Craven and Jon S Williams 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Drums and electric guitar. Minimalist, textured instrumentals.
Billy Whitton 3–4pm Mona Lawns
One of the true stalwarts of the Hobart music scene, Billy does blues and Americana.


Sunday, 24 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
Golden Sunbird 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Cosmic psych-rock. Immersive, languid psychedelia.
Dont Come Monday 1–3pm Mona Lawns
Blues infused with a little bit of rock, funk, reggae and punk. But very Tasmanian.
Charlie Woods 3–4pm Mona Lawns
A soulful singer-songwriter peddling everything from upbeat grooves to emotional rollercoasters.


Monday, 25 March 2024

Who? When? Where?
CMT Trio 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Smooth swingers, gentle ballads, and frenetic up-tempo standards, delivered in an 'interactionist' style.
The Groove Juice Special 1–3pm Mona Lawns
A jazz-cat called Lindsay and his mystery band.
Abby Otten & special guest 3–4pm Mona Lawns
It's Abby Otten, and a special guest. Who might be Bono, might not be. You'll never know unless you turn up, will you.