Music at Mona

If the weather is good, the music is outside on the lawns. If it’s crap, it’s inside the Ether building nearby. In the museum, you might find musicians-in-residence like Danny Healy performing live each day.


Friday 1 December

Who? When? Where?
Pet Therapy 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Varied cultural backgrounds; shared desire to commemorate and modernise the bittersweet alt-rock of the early 2000s. Glassy guitars, dirty synths, melancholic crooning.
Thus Far 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Dance your pants off (or don't) to a mix of acid jazz, funk and blues from across the globe.


Saturday 2 December

Who? When? Where?
The Vampires 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Seductive genre-hopping creativity', according the Guardian. 'World roots jazz' per the band themselves.
Tom Robb 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Local electronic muso and drummer extraordinaire, exploring the studio space with some experimental music and jazz.

Sunday 3 December

Who? When? Where?
Who Threw That 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Three-piece midwest emo band (from Hobart). Alt-tuned tappy guitar riffage, blistering drums and celebratory lyrical yelps.
The Sketches 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Currently unsure whether they're rock, folk, punk, or some mix of all three (it's probably the mix of all three), this genre-bending trio tells stories with a punch.


Monday 4 December

Who? When? Where?
Sick Visor 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Infectious, fun-loving indie-punk duo from Maaaaahlbourne. Rowdy singalongs, lots of buzz.
Ludwig Codjambassis 1–4pm Mona Lawns
Chilean DJ who's played everything from hypnotic minimal to energetic, progressive house.


Friday 8 December

Who? When? Where?
Josh Shipton & Mike Kennett 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Friends, sonic collaborators, 'compositional anarchists'. They play together every Friday, except this time they're not in Sydney and it's outdoors.
Matthew Magnus 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Inspired by Hindustani classical music, the Coltranes and minimalist composers out of the US. There are worse things to draw on.


Saturday 9 December

Who? When? Where?
OM3 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Infamous local jazz / punk / hip-hop collective.
Teresa Dixon 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist with the earth in her veins. Songs of sadness, optimism, and the things we do to pull ourselves together and get on with it.


Sunday 10 December

Who? When? Where?
Gnarlhünd 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Searing, harmonic Oz-rock ft. driving bass and probably excessive harmonies.
Evan Carydakis 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Fiery, funky and hard-edged (but ultra-melodic) romps.


Monday 11 December

Who? When? Where?
Billy Whitton and Ross Sermons 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Local legend Billy meets (now basically local) North Carolina legend Ross. Blues ensues.
DIY Shot 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Two classical flautists plus an 'angelic electric guitar and synth wizard'. Experimental improv, noise chaos, 'voice stealing'. Probs worth a look.


Friday 15 December

Who? When? Where?
Anousha Victoire 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Emotive folk and world-influenced melodies meet bell-over-water vocal tone.
Nuria 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Stripped back, intimate piano-and-voice versions of the indie electro-pop she's known for.


Saturday 16 December

Who? When? Where?
Frogs in Suits 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Young Tasmanian rockers (quite good at it, too).
Rebecca Barnard and Jazz Baby 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Jazz standards and obscurities from ex-Rebecca's Empire vocalist Rebecca (and a hell of a band).


Sunday 17 December

Who? When? Where?
Deep Friars 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Possibly (probably) Hobart's nerdiest party band. Odd time signatures, harmonised guitars, gregarious solos and non-linear forms (plus the odd sugary singalong moment).
Handsome Molly 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Cello, guitar and banjo combine for a jaunt through folk, country and blues.


Monday 18 December

Who? When? Where?
Milan Ackerman 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Contemporary classical guitar. And a loop pedal.
Scott Mainwaring 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Forty-year veteran of the Australian blues and rock scene (ex-Pale Riders) does Oz classics, rootsy-bluesy Americana and originals.


Friday 22 December

Who? When? Where?
Sally Mollison 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Electric guitar riffage; vocals.
Kave Milc 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Sonic guides' here to take you on a little trip: ambient textures, experimental rhythms, electronic melodies. Maybe some cryptic prophesies, too.


Saturday 23 December

Who? When? Where?
Nadira and Friends 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Hot swing and cool ballads from the Great American Songbook, banter, the works. Might take a request or two, if you're lucky.
Lou Bradley 2–4pm Mona Lawns
A bunch of bluegrassy, folky mountain music from the high hills above Mullumbimby. The highly-accomplished Lou has finally let Phil tag along, so it's a good thing he's handy on the banjo and mandolin.


Sunday 24 December

Who? When? Where?
Swaz Benjamin 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Fluid, party-starting storytelling and poetics. Some light-hearted stuff, some harder-hitting stuff. Thoughts may be provoked.
Miss Jones 1–2pm Mona Lawns
Irreverent (yet sensitive) jazzy blues and urban swing tunes about sex, death, loss, love and life.


Monday 25 December

Who? When? Where?
Closed Closed Closed


Thursday 28 December

Who? When? Where?
Betsy Blue 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Storytelling country folk and blues. The odd sad song.
Benjamin Vargas 1.15–3.15pm Mona Lawns
A house music lover from way back (like, childhood), Benjamin has a wide DJ-repertoire and he ain't afraid to use it.
Rose Trent 3.30–4.30pm Mona Lawns
Vulnerable, dreamy, tremolo-driven stuff. Good music for a date, or to weep to.


Friday 29 December

Who? When? Where?
Mangus and Co 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Fierce vocals and boisterous guitar combine for a tribute to the greats of acoustic blues.
Velvet Bloom 1–2pm Mona Lawns
Neo-soul meets indie pop and jazz-rock: 'an oozing honey pot of silky vocals, lush soundscapes and raw emotion.' Eat up.
Linzee's Crespuscular Trio & Duotette 2–3pm Mona Lawns
Linzee's played with everyone. Like, the BeeGees, everyone.
TBC 3–4pm Mona Lawns


Saturday 30 December

Who? When? Where?
Lasca Dry 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Hailing from a small town with a big clock (Ulverstone), Lasca got into Zeppelin at an early age (as one does in Ulverstone). Bluesy, raw, relaxed and occasionally experimental, she'll lure you in with something sweet then de-sock you with a monster solo.
Tasha Zappala 1.15–3.15pm Mona Lawns
lutruwita / Tasmania-based singer-songwriter who spends her time touring, making billypots of beans, drinking tea and capturing field recordings. The dream.
N.E.W Monochrome 3.30–4.30pm Mona Lawns
Nods to the Berlin School of Electronica. Stepped synth sequences. Fresh interpretations of the finger-licking banjo-plucking Moog albums of the seventies.