Bit of a weekend happening to celebrate the opening of our three new exhibitions. Specially programmed music (vibe is ‘irreverent / sacred’); maybe nuns; fellow art-fans to jaw with; you know the drill.

Make a day of it. Catch the ferry.

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Food and drinkies:

Void Bar: cocktails and drinks that aren’t cocktails from 10am

Nolan Bar: mid-museum beers, wines, ciders and softies, 12–5pm

The Source Restaurant: lunch from 12–4pm (bookings recommended)

Moorilla Wine Bar: wine, beer and snacks etc., 10am–5pm 

Dubsy’s: flame-cooked fare from the outdoor kitchen, 11.30am–6pm

Rusty’s Bar: a basic bar doing bar basics until 5pm



Saturday 30 September

Who? When? Where?

Deborah Kayser and Nick Tsiavos

12–1pm Mona Lawns
Contrabassist and Byzantine obsessive, plus soprano. Goes 'from the sublime to almost frighteningly beautiful', per Resonate Magazine.
Stev Zar 1–4pm Mona Lawns
Slow-paced and sensual, Stev 'weaves worlds' when she DJs. Expansive tastes, queer experience and tongue-in-cheek references are blended to create something chaotic and atmospheric, with the end goal of 'body euphoria'.


Sunday 1 October

Who? When? Where?


12–1pm Mona Lawns
Synths and Bach; Bach and synths.
Marroushti 1–4pm Mona Lawns
Marroushti is a Lebanese DJ and community creative whose sets draw from the extensive genres of the global south: experimental techno, tarp, footwork, Mahraganat, shaabi and Arabic-folk-inflected club. For this set she'll be highlighting sacred, indigenous and traditional music from all over the world.